XZ-2 -- any issues, any defects?

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Re: XZ-2 -- any issues, any defects?

Mr Sincere wrote:

I bought an XZ-2 and really, really loved the thing.

But I had really bad issues with focusing, in the type of conditions I'm often shooting in: indoor, moderate light, a bit zoomed in, using center point focus. I wouldn't even say low light, just typical indoor ambient light, where no other camera I've owned has struggled (and I've owned more cameras than I care to admit, including the XZ-1).

It wasn't so much that it was slow, as it would just fail to focus even on objects with plenty of contrast. It seemed about 30% of my attempted shots flashed an orange square on the screen. If I switched to matrix focusing (where the camera guesses the focus point), the focus was fast and reliable, even when it was picking the same focus point that failed when manually selected.

It felt like a bug or faulty camera to me, so I swapped it for another that ended up having the same issues. So, either 1) I had two bad cameras 2) it's a legitimate bug with the camera, that others haven't noticed because they're not shooting as much in similar conditions, or 3) my expectations were just too high for the camera. (But again, it's not like this was the first camera of this type I'd owned.)

Other than the focusing, I really liked everything else about the camera. Probably the best ergonomics of any camera I've owned. And at least a stop improvement in noise and DR over the xz-1. In fact, if Olympus releases a firmware update claiming to improve AF performance, it's conceivable I'd sell my OMD to get the xz-2 again.

If you're worried, I suppose I'd just purchase from somewhere with a fair return policy.

but the question is...

any people, have contact Olympus for this problem?

xz2 is on the top for the my purchase list, but this AF problem is not accetable


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