Show your tripods if you will. And recommend some. (please)

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Re: Show your tripods if you will. And recommend some. (please)

ADSinger wrote:

drpoop wrote:

I'm an enthusiast at best. I wanted cheap and portable.

I went with the Beike 555. Folds down to 13 inches, but can extend to 50. Somewhat light, ball head, weight hook, adjustable middle portion.

I am very intrigued by the Beike 555. Have seen them on ebay and saw the youtube infomercial. Can you give a quick mini-review? How is setup time? Stability? I have a couple of heads so the standard ball head is not too important to me, just trying to get a sense of overall usefulness. It looks good, has interesting features, and is priced very reasonably. In fact it is the low price that concerns me, too good to be true?



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One Mini-review coming up -

I am impressed with this tripod for the price tag. It has a very solid body, the stock ball head is usable, but obviously not in the class with say a manfrotto. The design is the best part, - the legs are telescopic and each section can be extended individually and then locked in place. Obviously, the last leg segement is the thinnest, and flimsy. BUT, if stability is needed (night shots) then simply do not over extend the legs! As well, the top portion can be lowered so the Camera is at the base of the fulcrum, this also adds to stability. The Benro MeFoto and Sirui T-005 are similar in design but do not allow for the top portion to be lowered to the base of the fulcrum.

I will say this one thing - the telescopic legs are held (locked) in place through twisting them to tighted a peice of plastic that expands inside the aluminum leg. That's right, plastic. I feel like IF/when this Tripod breaks, it will be a due to structural failure of these specific peices. That said, I have used it quite a bit now, with no indication of a future problem.

here is a previous post with some pics

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