Camera Cannibalism WTF?

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Re: I'm sorry, but I think you're wrong

jonikon wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

The laws of physics make it impossible for a tiny sensored V1 to have the same image quality as a D3000.

This is only true when the same sensor technology is applied to both size sensors. There are new imaging sensor technology such as organic sensors, that are three times as sensitive to light as current sensors. ´╗┐The laws of physics will limit downsizing of lenses for larger sensors though.

And even this comparison is skewed once you are comparing much older technology to much newer technology. I'd still take the D3000 over the V1. And so would you, and probably so would everyone else.

There is always a danger in believing that you know what is best for everyone else, and making blanket statements based on ones personal opinion. Case in point:

The V1 has replaced my D3000 because the V1 has less noise and more detail at higher ISOs with a similar dynamic range (around 11), and also has superior AF speed and accuracy, higher shutter speeds and higher FPS, in a smaller body with much smaller lenses.

- Jon

Jon, the researchers behind that organic sensor technology haven't made 10MP sensors yet.  They're still at the level of bulk characteristics.  When the technology is ready, 1" sensors will be very very good indeed.

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