XZ-10 a game changer?

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Re: S110?

Greynerd wrote:

jimr wrote:

marike6 wrote:

The XZ-10, while it has a smaller sensor than the S110, at least it has a faster lens going for it.

The opposing argument could go while the S110 has a slower lens (notably at the longer focal lengths) at least it has a larger sensor, helpful at all focal lengths and all light levels, not just low light levels going for it.

So you consider the extra ISO performance from increasing the sensor area 70% is going to outweigh the advantage of increasing the aperture from f5.9 to f2.8.


The lens speed advantage is notable especially at longer focal lengths (at the widest angle the lens speed difference is minor) which is not only focal length dependent, but also light level related. At lower light levels the faster lens speed at longer focal lengths have an advantage...partially mitigated by the larger sensor in the case of the S110...while the larger sensor in the S110 is  an asset at all focal lengths and all light levels including but not limited to daylight where faster lenses are less of an advantage...while the larger sensor continues to be a constant advantage.

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