Disenchanted with SX50. Need help!

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A different point of view...

Hi Bob

It’s easy to get an unrealistic idea of what the SX50 can do, by seeing everyone's posts of perfect samples. I myself have deleted thousands of stinkers from the SX50. The 1 or 2% good shots that take your breath away are worth it to me.

Try this…. Let’s get back to a base line, which we will call perfect. (Meaning, perfect for a small sensor of course.) Do everything just like you know you are suppose to. You know…, like the sun at your back, 1/1200 shutter if at full zoom, base ISO, fill the frame with your subject, etc. You know the routine Bob, “by the book”, in other words perfect. (-:

Now you should have some perfect shots in hand. These shots really have no meaning, but are to help you get back your confidence in the SX50. The next step is to start taking away these perfect conditions, “but” just one at a time, as you proceed to take more and more shots.

Soon you will find what the SX50 can tolerate, and then slowly decide if the SX50 can satisfy your standard for IQ.

I know this sounds very general. I didn’t want to bore you with the stuff that is second nature to you. See Bob, I know you are very experienced with a camera, but that darn SX50 is like a radically tuned race car. It does a couple of things really great, but if you try to corner with a little sand on the track, in the ditch you go. (-: It can put you in the winner’s circle or in the ditch, with the blink of an eye, without much in between. (-:


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