Legacy Lenses - the good... the bad... the ugly?

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No, get the other adapter......

Domagoj Batinic wrote:

Kevdog wrote:

Also I just realized, I have the old Pentax camera my Dad gave me when I was 8. It has a 55mm f2 Super-Takumar that's in decent shape with a m42 mount. I also have a 135mm f2.8 that seems to have some dirt inside the lens, but I might give it a go too. It looks like I could take it apart to clean it if needed. The adapter is only $15.... now just have to wait for it to arrive!

be sure to get adapter for m42 lenses that has incorporated flange that presses the aperture pin. it will make your life a whole lot easier while using m42 lenses, because you won't have to care if the lens is fully automatic, or if it has A/M switch. if you buy adapter without that flange and use it with lens that is fully automatic, you won't be able to stop it down and you'll have to use it wide open all the time, or find the way to get that aperture pin stuck somehow (like bending that pin and pressing it in, gluing it in or using a piece of straw to stuck it in the lens)

without the flange, I wish I had done that.

The Takumar lenses he has have the diaphram switch so he can focus wide open (if he wants to) and then move the lever to stop down to shooting aperture.

This is actually a very neat feature which is defeated by the stop down flange on the adapter.

Fotodiox makes both models, with and without flange so you can have your pick.

get adapter like this one:


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