what is the most flexible, durable, user friendly tripod?

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Re: what is the most flexible, durable, user friendly tripod?

Okay, so here's a tripod question. A beginner buys a cheapie which, of course, is woefully inadequate and asks for recommendations and everybody starts talking expensive brand names. There are lots of middle-of-the-road tripods. Don't buy a tripod over the internet. Do go into a store and look at these middle-of-the-road tripods. You might find something that is perfectly adequate. The advice you get on the internet will lead to you over-buying. A tripod's there to keep the camera still. You don't need to spend a thousand dollars or so to keep a camera still. How are you going to use it? Where do you want to use it? You have a cheapie and you've learnt that it's not good. Now you need a better one but you have a limited budget. We'd all love the very best but for $200, you want something adequate. You can get something adequate for $200 but you need to see what your priorities are. So take your $200 to a real store and work out what compromises you're willing to make.

I myself have a Slik carbon fibre CF713. It came with a pan-and-tilt head. I'm not recommending it because this particular tripod might not suit you at all. It does the job for me. It's definitely better than nothing. A $60 tripod is a waste of money. But an alternative point-of-view from the "buy the very best from the get go" is "a tripod is better than no tripod". And I agree with that. In my experience, an adequate tripod is better than no tripod.

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