Carry On Weight Restrictions

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Re: Carry On Weight Restrictions

I travel a lot. Each airline has different policies, some are very generous (united comes to mind), some are quite stingy (Virgin, Ryan Air come to mind). Most will state their carry on policy on-line. Some are as low as 5lbs, others as high as 40lbs or only restricted to size and don't mention a weight.

However, then the next hurdle is getting through the security line, where they may also turn you back due to the number of bags (London) or the weight (China) - this is driven largely by the security policies, and is independent of the airline. I think London has relaxed its policies somewhat in the last 2-3 years, however, my bag got weighed in the security line while travel in Asia last year, but only once, out of 16 flights. I managed to pursuade them that the rest of my party had already gone through security (true) and that I couldn't go back to check it or I would lose them. This was with a daypack backpack and a roll-a-board case. I think they wouldn't have asked me if I only had the one bag.

I purposely select airlines that have luggage policies that suit me, the discount carriers can be quite a pain.

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