Which gets less blur handheld at 70mm?

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Re: Which gets less blur handheld at 70mm?

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Thanks, all, for your help and suggestions.

I tested the room yesterday. Shooting the 24-70 at 3200 ISO on my D700 I was getting shutter speeds of 1/10th to 1/20th at 70mm. Sometimes my hands are steady enough for that; sometimes not. I can take as many pics as I like w/o flash but with flash people will go crazy.

How big do you intend to showcase these images? If nothing more than 4"x6" print or web image, shoot at ISO12800 and use some (or a lot of) noise reduction. That will get you 1/40" - 1/80" the latter of which should yield quite a few keepers if people aren't jumping around. At 1/10" you'll need virtually motionless people and ultra-steady hands with every shot to have a chance of getting anything usable. I'd far rather a noisy but sharp image than a blurred but less noisy image.

A4 size (similar to US Legal)

Are you willing rent a camera and/or lens for the event? A D3s/D4 and 35/1.4 or 50/1.4 sounds like the real answer here.

Regardless, I still think your best bet to maximize your number of keepers is to shoot at or near max ISO to eek out all the shutter speed you can get. A faster lens at high ISO would net you even more keepers as there would be less risk of motion blur. If you could get people to sit still, you could drop the ISO down and shoot at 1/30" for a few cleaner images. No way I'd try to shoot a whole party at that speed though.

Or maybe renting the 85 f1.4?  I have the 50 1.4 but it will be too wide on the D700 and I don't want to be too much in their face.

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