my love-hate relationship with the RX1

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Re: Why would you pay $1800 for a camera you hate?

Richard Spangler wrote:

Sounds like you had a bad copy. Many of us are having great results with the RX1s AF. Its not going to be as fast as my D800 but just as accurate. I originally had an issue with my D800 with the left AF.

Ariston wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

Ariston wrote:

I'll gladly pay it for $2,800 if it has an OVF and better AF system, but for what it cant offer, I'd pay for it for $$1,800 anytime without a problem. this is how I love and hate the RX1.

Would that price represent a real bargain for you, and make you forget about all the other things you find disappointing about the camera?

In my world, $1800 is still a lot of money.

I thought the object was to buy a camera you really liked... not to buy one you don't like at a better price.

it's is more of a compromise. the pricing do offset the disappointment of it not being able to perform to what I wanted it for a compact camera. like, if I can't rely on it's AF, I can't really justify paying the same amount as my D800. below $2,000 seems to be the standard for all performance high-end compacts nowadays, so I'm fine with that.

maybe or maybe not. but when I returned the camera, the guy wasn't even surprised about my comment. in fact, he stated that they are working on it and would release a firmware soon. so we'll see how much improvement when the new firmware arrives. this was the same reason that I skipped on both the X100 and Xpro-1 camera.

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