EM-5 + 9-18 for Real Estate photos...Love it!

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Re: EM-5 + 9-18 for Real Estate photos...Love it!

richj20 wrote:

What a beautiful home!

I wonder if I might ask about technique. I photograph interiors from time to time and there is always the problem of retaining perspective when framing at an angle to the room, rather than looking straight on into the room.

Your first example is straight on and everything looks nice.

An example of what I'm referring to is in the second image, where the camera is looking into the room at an angle, and the floor and table lean a bit to the left. Even using the Skew tool in Photoshop doesn't always yield good results.

Having been frustrated with this myself, I've gotten to the point where I position the camera looking straight into the scene to avoid this effect.

I just happen to have been looking at an issue of Architectural Digest this morning, and notice that almost all of the photographs are framed straight into the scene, preventing any perspective distortion at the edges, so that tables, floors, and large sofas are level.

Have you thought much about this?



A quick adjustment with DxO's Viewpoint  program.

It can be used as a plugin or standalone program.

I've found the program effective and more importantly easy to learn and use.

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