Anyone considered a move to mirrorless only?

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Re: Anyone considered a move to mirrorless only?

... And you feel slighted because some people chose to make private statements to me? They don't owe you or anyone else their opinion. I have many private discussions in a wide variety of contexts and venues. Like many people, I choose to share a small fraction of my communications in public forums like dpreview.

Kerry Pierce wrote:

DRode wrote:

Their intention is not to be rude but to stay out of contentious debate or flame wars.

I don't understand that position. It takes 2 or more participants to have a contentious debate or flame war. Nobody is required to participate in either of those type threads. Indeed, with the advent of the Ignore feature, you don't even have to look at, let alone read, posts from the idiots that annoy you. I use the Ignore feature liberally and it has made my DPR experience much more pleasant.

Regardless as to why the person or persons chose to reply privately, it doesn't alter the fact that their information isn't available to all of the other members of the forum, which isn't the purpose of having a public forum.


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