Fuji x100 vs micro four thirds ?

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Re: Fuji x100 vs micro four thirds ?

Kind of an apples and oranges comparison, and without an understanding of how you use your camera it is difficult to provide any solid advice. Will this be your only camera? 2nd/3rd/backup? Compact you'll only take when you want to carry a compact camera? Subjects?

The X100 has a fixed 35/2.0 equivalent lens. Can't go faster, can't go wider, can't go longer, can't zoom, can't do true macro, birds in flight, sports, etc, etc. High ISO will be better than the GX1 and the EPL5, but the EPL5 will be closer than the GX1. AF is pretty darn good, but not as fast as GX1/EPL5.

Why the 14/2.5? That's a 28mm equivalent, wider and slower than the X100. The 17/1.8 is the closest M43 equivalent. With the 14/2.5 you'll always need a higher ISO wide-open than with the X100, so you're forcing the cams with lower high-ISO performance to shoot at higher ISO in low light.

What about image viewing/reviewing? Neither EPL5/GX1 have native eye-level viewfinders, you'll have to add an additional finder, additional expense, additional size/footprint, slower handling. How important is that to you?

If a fixed 35/2.0 lens will do everything you need this camera to do, and you don't need fast AF, you can't go wrong with the X100. If you need more versatility, faster focus, it won't do, unless you're talking backup to some other camera system.

im pondering an x100 versus an EPL-5 or GX1 with the Pannie 14mm - would the x100 give better high ISO and sharper images ? How bad is the AF?

I will ask on the Fuji forum too but since I am asking how it compares to m 4/3 I thought I could ask here

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