Exposure control in a raw developer: misnomer?

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Re: There's lots of misnomers, multiplication is another one!

Focal length has for a long time been used as the number to describe what is really angle of view. But unlike AoV it needs a sort of fixed point and because of the fact that most of the first generation digital shooters came from 35mm  that became the fixed point. That's when people started using the cropping word. Not really accurate, but not something that can lead tio misunderstandings like the exposure syndrome that the main part of the thread tries to deal with.

When I was a Canon user (DX is a Nikon label, we did not use that term, you really should accept that they are no the same thing) I only had EF lenses that were designed for what I called full frame back then. But the 17-40 mm was for my 10D at the time the best option for a sort of standard zoom, with 27-68 being the shorthand description that was understandable for those still on silverhalide. Yhere are even those who think it was really designed to be mainly that. But designed for is not really interesting, what ciunts is what it can do for you.

Using the term multiplication factor is just as inaccurate as crop, the only difference that it gvies a more positive framing. I've seen enough Panoly users proudly proclaiming their 200mm to be really a 300mm to realize that they like that more positive way of looking at things.

Maybe when i encounter my first Nikon1 user I should ask: 'so how small is your sensor?"


And what happens when you compare a larger format camera, do you then have a NEGATIVE crop factor?

Did you know most medium format digital cameras have smaller sensors than the original film format and so could be called crop cameras?

And did  you know that in German the word 'Kleinbild' [small format] is still in regular use for 35mm?

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