XZ-10 a game changer?

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Pocketable is the point, DOF a tangent

rezaf_2000 wrote:

Game changer: It's the first camera with fast telephoto lens that can live its life in my pants pocket...

My Canon S90 basically lives in my pocket all the time. I don't need to think about taking a camera with me anywhere in my daily life, i'm confident that the S90 is always there. BUT, I cannot comfortably shoot anything but really wide pictures with it. As soon as you go into tele, the ISO gets into terribly noisy territory. That's why I'm excited about XZ-10. It can replace the S90/95/100/110 as an always-in-the-pocket camera.

Exactly. Pocketable cameras are cameras so small you can just keep them on you at all times.

That is what I did with my S90, it is what I do with my RX100.

Living in your pocket is hard on a camera, in my case it was hard to justify $600 for RX100 I might ruin or lose, but the S90 was just not very good for low light as you zoom in, and the S100 lost another 1/3 stop when Canon widened the zoom range.

Assuming a first-rate 1/2.3" sensor (they are now neck and neck with the S90/95/S100/S110 sensors) and a price around $375 I would have bought an XZ-10 over the RX100.

The RX100 sensor is incredibly good, but the lens gets slow and it is $600 dollars living in my jacket (and sometimes jeans) pocket.

All this talk of shallow DOF seems off-point. Existing pocketable camera DOF ranges from deep to very deep. Camera makers could make a pocketable with shallowish DOF, but it would not be a zoom, would likely be expensive, and so far they evidently do not see the market (IMHO they are missing an opportunity).

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