Fox News has had enough of Sarah Palin

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Re: Carville got AXED from CNN

Henry Schobin wrote:

Carville got AXED from CNN

Carville wasn't pulling his weight, didn't show up for work*.

Getting shiitcanned

"Mr. Carville told Politico that CNN had initiated the split. “I was told that they wanted the contributors to be more available — essentially, closer to Washington,” he said. “I’m not always available. I don’t live there.” He and Ms. Matalin live in New Orleans. They have a small television studio in their home for live appearances."

* this is the news reporting style of mamallama when talking about someone on the right.

But James Carville won't be missed as much as Sarah will. Both were getting paid too much for nothing, but, at least, Sarah was entertainment to Democrats because she revealed how dumb she is.

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