Parts hold -customer hostile, yes, but is it real? Is it worldwide?

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Re: Parts hold -customer hostile, yes, but is it real? Is it worldwide?

Daniel Lauring wrote:

You are just seeing the migration of a product from high cost, high margin, low volume, professional, to lower cost, low margin, higher volume amateur/semi-pro. We get the benefits of a less expensive product that performs better, but give up the service that comes with the lower volume, higher margin product because Nikon can't afford to hire as many people as it would take, to provide the service they did 20 years ago with their pro cameras.

The competition has driven prices down, but the lower price has left the manufacturer with less money to provide service with, while at the same time, more customers to service.

Companies, will sometimes realize this is an issue with their professional customers, and develop special high end cameras or service agreements just for those customers.

When you are a professional and the camera is your tool, you can't afford to be without it. On the other hand, with how inexpensive they are today (compared to 10 years ago) buying a backup is a valid strategy.

Well, let's see... I sent a lens to Melville to get it repaired, got a quote for repair (from El Segundo), approved quote for repair, got another quote from Melville, called and was told I shipped the lens to the wrong place and that it would take longer to repair since I sent it to El Segundo and they had to ship it to Melville.  I have the UPS receipt to Melville.  You don't think they would lie about anything, do you?

Typical first response is "Impact Damage"

Typical second response is "Parts Hold"

Good luck finding someone that will talk to you besides the phone reps in India!


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