X-e1 - doubt about sharpness

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nixda wrote:

Austin101 wrote:

sharpening was set to default for both RAW files in LR, no changes to either, others will tell you that LR isn't the best tool for the Fuji RAW files and they might be right but I think that the issue itself is with the RAW file and how Fuji add NR to them which is more evident in foliage.

If Fuji applied any noise reduction to the raw data before writing the RAW file, it would have to be considered a major scandal. Apparently, there is a minor NR effect from the demosaicing interpolation, but I highly doubt Fuji does active NR here.

Well it's no secret that they do. There're interviews where they said the lack of filters allowed them to distinguish noise from signal better. NR is then applied at low level, affecting RAW files.

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