Buy OMD body only & keep EP3 lens?

Started Jan 30, 2013 | Discussions thread
Ulfric M Douglas Veteran Member • Posts: 4,791
Re: Buy OMD body only & keep EP3 lens?

oscarfrancis wrote:


I'm upgrading from EP3 to OMD and I'm not sure whether to buy the OMD body only or buy it with the kit lens.

My reservations are that the kit lens is a bit too big and the electronic zoom not as fast as manually zooming as I currently do with the EP3 kit lens. Apart from the fact it's weather sealed is there a significant difference between the lenses? Would it be a waste to use my EP3 kit lens on the OMD instead or is it worth getting the kit lens with the OMD?

Any opinions greatly appreciated, thanks.

The significant difference is the 12mm widest rather than 14mm, it really makes a big difference.

The 14-42 kit lens does have slightly brighter apertures, or should I say less dim.

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