Supply customer prints or disk only?

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Re: Supply customer prints or disk only?

Vegasluvr wrote:

And many photographers charge too much for a print. ....... I see a lot of greedy photographers charging $8-$10 per 5x7 print! And 8x10's they charge $18 each. It costs about $2.50 for each 5x7 print so we charge about $5 per print. For 8x10s, it costs about $3.00 per print so we charge about $6.50 per print.

That's not a fair assessment.  You're basing everyone else's needs - both consumers and photographers - off of YOUR needs.

I'm developing a retail photography business - pet photography, namely.  And I'm charging $80 for any gift prints - 4x6, 5x7, 8x10.


Because to stay in business, I need to set aside about 30% of my income for Uncle Sam.

Because I want to be a boutique experience and stay away from the miserly Craigslist crowd.

Because I want to source archival prints for my customers from professional print labs and backing to ensure longevity, so my costs are not less than $5-$10.

Because I don't WANT to sell gift prints, I want to sell wall art, so as a negative reinforcement the gift prints are expensive with wall art a bit more affordable (comparatively).

Because if there's a problem with an art piece, I can have it replaced at no charge to the customer and still not take food off my table.

Because I want to get away from making $20,000 annually for a 2-person household and actually be able to afford kids someday.

It's not about being greedy.  It's about a very very different business model.

Just my $0.02.

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