XS-1 compared to Sony a33 but not a superzoom

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Re: My conclusion...

Ralph McKenzie wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

I like the XS1 pictures better in call cases. They seem less washed out and the 4:3 aspect ratio is better for viewing.

The only full-size one I examined was the Matterhorn looking peak with trees in the foreground. Yes, foliage detail was better reproduced with the A33. However I think the XS1 could have been improved with lower sharpness setting in-camera.

Bottom line: glad I did not buy an A33. I have several old Minolta lenses and was considering it for a while. Problem is, I hardly ever used my film SLR because it was too big and heavy, and a DSLR is even worse.

Me too. If I had an A33 and it performed like that it would find itself on e-Bay in very short order. I'd even stick my HS20 up against it on a good day I've never been impressed with thea series Sony's. W have an a55 at work for client records and its a piece of junk, slow and dull witted was my initial thought. I take the HS20 with me now when I'm doing install for clients.

Hi There,

Ralph, while I use to own a Fuji bridge cam, and like, it in many ways, but there was lot of things at the same time that I don't miss at all from point-and shoot type of cam..and AF SPEED is one of them!....For instance,I tried out the XS-1 in my local camera store, as I was thinking to get one at one point, and oh my goodness i was never able to lock FOCUS in florescent light environment no matter the settings, ( I gave to the vendor and I can assure you, he was going banana!I told him even my Nikon P6000 do much better in locking focus in low light condition). Anyway, while bridge cam has come long way with tech., For now I think I'll stay put to wait and see what's the new bridge cam generation(XS-2 may be?)has to offer comparing DSLR particularly regarding SPEED..By the way you said the A55 is "slow and dull witted " can you elaborate that pls.?.. I own the A55 and while is not a perfect cam by any meaning,( I have no issue with JPEG Sony color whatsoever, but I know Fuji colors...) it is certainly not slow dull and witted as you said ..and ,I do like the tech. the Sony employs in their cams, and the MSNR is one of that...


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