Best lenses for Japan/South Korea

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Re: Best lenses for Japan/South Korea

That is possible but used when it is practical. Say if you are on the bullet train platform honing into that distant train for eg ... IMO my 18-70mm wasn't that long enough unless you were really in the action. The train conductor with the white gloves you couldn't really hone in or the car traffic officer etc... that's if the OP wants to capture life and speed. If you are on a bridge you can also zone into the traffic if that is your thing. Many people I think will just reach for the 18-135 and snap but if you are used to using the tele, there are those diff style shots if you enjoy those. Many others would probably just be happy with a 18-135 alone. Not sure how well the D7000 does in ISO, with my D70 at 1600 ISO inside temples etc .. I needed a 1.8 lens and I got a shutter speed of 1/60, similarly applies if you are outside and enjoy a bit of street photography of people and vendors after the sun's gone down. I am not too much into that stuff, just cityscapes at night but I bring a tripod.  Japanese pubs, small alley ways etc...

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