Recommend a monopod for 200/2 VRII

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Re: Recommend a monopod for 200/2 VRII

The choice of monopod is going to be about handling characteristics and cost. There's little if any difference in performance because their loads are applied only in compression, not in any bending mode. There's little difference in weight because they are less than 1/3 of the structure of a tripod.

Things only start to get interesting with regard to the choice of head. Ball heads allow too much freedom when unlocked. I have the RRS monopod head and even though it is very well built, it could really use one more feature: fluid drag. You can either lock it or unlock it but it's not set up to allow a uniform and moderate amount of drag on the axis. I've also used a video fluid head on the monopod and it handles perfectly but it's larger and heavier than I'd prefer.

You'll probably want a quick release and both RRS and Kirk include it. I'm very pleased with the RRS replacement foot I bought for my 300/2.8. It's also a realistic handle which isn't quite true for the Nikon foot.

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