What's the quality that gives some lenses (like Minolta G) a "3D" look?

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Re: What's the quality that gives some lenses (like Minolta G) a "3D" look?

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arie wrote:

So, DOF and defined edges are the key. Though, I think you can also say that even with a large DOF, you could probably still get a feeling of depth even without much. bokeh.

Yea, actually It's my belief that too thin DOF can ruin it because you wont have enough depth to keep all of the subject's edges sharp. It is a very controlled illusion, you have to open the lens enough to seperate the object from the surroundings, but not so much as to not have all edges fairly sharp. It's that crispness of the subject vs the bokeh that makes it jump out. I think it's real hard to know, even with DOF preview, exactly how it will look, which is why there isn't much hard data on it. Sometimes it happens, incidentally, and sometimes it doesn't.

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