No D400 or D7200 at CP+ sweepstake for nexr announcement date?

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Re: No D400 or D7200 at CP+ sweepstake for nexr announcement date?

rhlpetrus wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

seahawk wrote:

Within 3 months of the 7dII. Now go over to the Canon forum and find out when it will come

(exact same panic over there)

'7D2 - not coming soon?'

In that link there is mention to new aspects to the coming 7D2. I think same for D400, if it ever materializes, possibly a hybrid OVF/EVF and use of Aptina/Nikon AF technology in LV and with EVF.

The AF technology is not at all Aptina, it is all Nikon - at least all the patents are. They can apply it to any sensor chip they like, it doesn't need special silicon. You know my views, there will be no DX camera called the 'D400', the Dxxx range is FX now. Very likely, there will be only one DX model above the D5x00, most likely based on the D7000 platform (which is Nikon's last new DX platform - the D300 actually being based on the D2 platform). The key issue really for the spec is not the ones people hark on about - which AF unit or how much metal. It's whether it uses the mirror kicker stop down mech or whether they build in a motor dedicated to stop down. I think perhaps the latter, though the new 800mm Nikkor has an electronic diaphragm mech like the PC lenses, so it might be that is the way they'll go, and stick to the mirror kicker just for legacy lenses.

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