Studio lighting - white background - HELP!!

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Re: Studio lighting - white background - HELP!!

The one-stop-difference thing only matters if:

1. You don't want blowback on your subjects and

2. You have a small working area and can't move the subject away from the backdrop. Remember the inverse square law. If the backdrop is acting as a light source and rimlighting your subject, move them twice as far away and the light drops off to one quarter (two stops.)

I worked in my kitchen for a long time and didn't have a choice, I had to shoot with blowback (where the white backdrop is a light source, which means there is lighting on both front and back of the subject.) You can do a lot of adjustments in post-production to change how this looks, if you want.

You can also not worry about getting a uniform white in camera, and just use the dodge tool set to Highlights at 1% to clean up the background and turn it pure white. Use a Levels adjustment layer and drag the grey slider all the way to the right to see clearly where you have cleanup to do.

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