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MMACory wrote:

There's a slight chance that you're going to beat the **** out of me. I really liked my 135 as a one-lens solution for volleyball (and got great shots with it), but replaced it with a 100 2.0 and 200 2.8 and glad I did. These two focal lengths serve me better than the "inbetween" 135 on a crop and maybe I'm answering my own question by saying that I prefer them to the venerable 2.8 II zoom that I tried.

You'd be surprised at how little I care about anything. Certainly not enough to beat the asterisks out of anyone. I'm just ribbing you. 100mm and 200mm sound like a good way to go for volleyball. Light weight, inexpensive, good image quality.

This is about my current everything-but-sports lens being a Sigma 30 1.4. I like everything about it a lot, but could use a bit wider once in awhile. The new 30 1.4 caught my attention as does the new 17-70 and Tokina 12-28.

Want wide, get a FF body some day. That is your ticket to wide.

I'm currently leaning towards getting the Sigma 17-70 in a week or two, but I also really like the looks of the 30 1.4 (to which a Tokina 11-16 or 12-28 might be a good match to). Or another option might be the Tokina 12-28 for most everything not sports and a 50 of some sort for portraits.

My camera's a T1i that I get some REALLY good pictures from so I'll keep that for awhile out of fear of learning a new camera and the acknowledgement that most of the magic is from the lens. That's why I obsess so much over lenses.

You're in the right place for obsession. I don't have a clue what I'm doing here.

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