A few newbie questions

Started Jan 30, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: A few newbie questions

Steve 316 wrote:

Although I use and love the 16-85, the question is whether you want a little more at the wide end or considerably more at the long end with the 18-105. IQ with these lenses is about the same, although build quality goes to the 16-85. I take a lot of wide angle outdoor shots and have never regretted the 16mm, but for you, it depends on how you will be using the lens. Plus, the 16-85 is among those Nikon lenses that have always seemed a bit overpriced to me.

A professional photographer who shops at the same camera store in Hollywood that I do said he sometimes uses the 18-105 for social events, receptions, etc. It's not a pro lens but he finds the range very useful and likes the handling and the results.

Thank you.

I wasn't really considering 16-85 (I am more interested in upgrading to faster lenses)... I was just wandering why such big price difference while most things seem equal, but the build quality may explain it as well as the demand for wider zoom.

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