Question about printer profiling

Started Jan 30, 2013 | Questions thread
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Simple way to check your printer profile

wmeyers wrote:

I have been making prints for about a year - using Lightroom and Epson 3880. I do landscapes mainly and am interested in highest quality. I have calibrated my iMac monitor and use downloaded ICC profiles from the various paper manufacturers.

Overall I have been very happy with the results - the prints look good and seem to match the monitor appearance well.

Question: How important is it to create my own printer profiles (using ColorMunki, i1Pro, etc.)? Could I expect a noticeable improvement in print quality?

Thanks for your opinions and advice.

If you have a ColorChecker Card you can test a printer/paper profile by doing the steps outlined here:

This is purely a printer/profile test. It doesn't matter at all if your monitor is profiled.

If you see a material difference in the patches then you need to make your own printer/ink profile. As stated, most quality printers have excellent profiles these days when used with OEM paper/ink but it's good to check.

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