New Sigma 19 and 30/2,8 plus a 60/2,8

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Re: Obviously designed for NEX

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I was hoping of faster 19 and 30, changes seem only cosmetic.

f/2.8 on NEX is like f/2.1 on m43, which doesn't sound slow after you make that conversion. And the focal lenghts are more appropriate for the NEX's 1.5x focal length modifier. And they are great for NEX owners because Sony doesn't make any good affordable prime lenses.

So folks, these are NEX lenses not m43 lenses. If you really want to use them, buy a cheap NEX.

I have no idea what you are talking about. f/2.8 is f/2.8.

You also need to tell Panasonic and Olympus that the PL20 and MZ60 are a terrible focal length for MFT.

As for the 30mm, perhaps it hasn't been popular recently but a common 135 format lens was 58mm.

I'm getting kinda tired of these "I want a faster lens" remarks, as if f/2.8 was crap or something. Also, the argument for narrow DOF really strikes me as weird, considering I remember wishing I had more DOF with a larger aperture more often than not when I was shooting 135.

It depends on the focal length. For something roughly 50mm equivelent, f/2.8 is pretty dim. Oh, its better than your run of the mill zoom or super zoom lens, but it isn't all that bright either. For the 19mm...well f/2.8 isn't terrible, but it isn't fast at all either. For the new 60mm, f2.8 actually isn't that bad, but again, it also isn't all that fast either.

The ability to have narrower depth of field is sometimes nice. Part of why I like my PL25 over the sigma 30mm that I used to have. The PL25 is able to generate a narrow depth of field (relatively speaking) for half portraits and even a resonable amount for full length portraits wide open. It won't be blowing out the background shallow, but it is enough to give you a good sense of depth and some seperation for a full length portrait.

The Sigma 30mm isn't able to do that (okay, it'll give some seperation for a half length).

The new Sigma 60mm should be able to do almost as shallow a depth of field as the Olympus 45mm by virtue of being 33% longer focal length, even though it is slower (I forget how to equate depth of field between different fields of view, but I think if my math work right the 45mm f/1.8 wide open is the equivelent of a 60mm f/2.3 or 2.4 for the depth of field or something like that). Now I'd sure love shallower, for when I need it, but the 45mm f/1.8 is just fine for me 95% of the time for how shallow you can make the depth of field, so I doubt I'll be saddened by what the Sigma 60mm f/2.8 can manage. I mostly would have prefered something half a stop or a stop faster for the extra hand holding, the shallower DoF would just be a by product and a not unwanted feature.

By the way, not sure if anyone noticed, but Sigma has the MTF charts up on their websites for the different lenses, and if I am to believe the 60mm's MTF chart, it should have very good resolution out to the corners, only softening a bit in the extreme corners.

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The 30 1.4  is a could be adapted. The 60 is a special narrow-depth-of-field lens

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