Please tell me I am correct & the pro Is wrong???

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Re: A VISUAL explanation of THE definition Re: Cha-ching!

harveysteeves wrote:

given these explanations,then an image taken with a 4/3rds 50/f2 and a FF 100/f4 should use the same shutter speed? After all, they are equivalents , aren't they?

Yes they will indeed use the same shutter speed if you have set both cams up for EQUIVALENT exposure thus:

mFT = ISO 100 and 1/100 sec @ 50mm and f2

35mm = ISO 200 and 1/100 sec @ 100mm and f4 ( if this cam also shoots at ISO 100 then it's shutter speed will be longer at 1/50 sec )

I hope that explains it?


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