Legacy Lenses - the good... the bad... the ugly?

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Re: Missing my point?
tedolf wrote:
Thus, in the standard and wide angle regimes, rangefinder lenses have an inherent advantage over SLR lenses from mounts with longish registration distances.

All irrelevant for telephoto lenses, obviously

Often, but not always true: my 35mm R-Summicron II (for SLR) is definitely a better lens than my 35mm M-Summicron IV (rangefinder) from the same era.

I also have other wide-angle lenses for film SLRs which are better than their rangefinder similars, though the theory is still valid.

Rules exist to be broken...

P.S. The above comments referred to their performance on film. On sensors, things can vary greatly, though retrofocus wides often tend to do better on sensors than non-retrofocus ones. The sensor used can make a great difference.

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