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Ahaa.... now we can talk :)

JJ Winkel wrote:

As per the IR i-Refill carts, the only critic I'd have is that you have to remove all the carts everytime you have to reset one of them or even the waste cart, isn't that very annoying as far as the long term reliability of the ink output valve is concerned ?

Isn't that counter productiv to the fact that you can refill without removing them ?

Or is there something I did not understand ?

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JJ, yes, this is exactly why I think Inkrepublic has much better and very robust refillable cart for long term usage.

I have been following nifty-stuff reviewer many years, he has been trying several different refillable carts, and he rest in inkrepbulic's unit after years of experiment.

I understand it may not be very convenient to pull out all the carts and reset them manually, however, if you look at the picture below (borrowed from the reviewer on nifty) , he has same findings like mine. The ink republic's ink valve has much better seal than Epson's cart and the refillable carts made in China. Thus, I believe (and my experience told me too) hundred times of insertion is totally acceptable for such seal and rubber.  the carts from epson or others (mimic carts) have very poor seal/valve comparing to ink republic's. you can see the equality yourself, who can give you longer run

Bottom line is, the ink republic's cart is very well made. I did not try any other cart before, I only followed the reviewer on nifty so I made the same decision too. You mileage may vary plus, I think ink republic has not updated their chipset for years, so same here, I hope they can do auto-reset chips, or you can simply use those tunneling chips from China and attach to iRefill carts to make it even better. (to be honest, I saw some people had no good experience with tunneling chips so I try to stay away from them).

on the second thought, I found some 3rd party inks have bad smell or slightly bad smell and some precipitate formed in the bottles or carts over time. I also found that ink republic's IRK4-nano inks have no bad smell at all and no sediment at all (on either cart or refill bottle). Thus, it might be a good idea to remove carts from the printer once a while to remix them if you find that your pigment inks would form precipitate, the perfect timing would be either the time you want to fill more inks or the time you want to reset ink level. In this case, you need a cart with good seal and ink valve.

my 2 cents

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