Why untrained idiots shouldn't own guns....

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Re: Speaking of idiots.

rwbaron wrote:

Morris Sullivan wrote:

rwbaron wrote:

Morris Sullivan wrote:

You'll see why untrained idiots shouldn't own cars too. Not sure what the point of your post is though. Untrained idiots shouldn't use power tools, ladders, and any number of other potentially dangerous items.

What an idiotic post. Power tools, ladders and vehicles are not designed to kill, guns are.

What does that have to do with my post?

Last time I checked one couldn't drive a vehicle on public roads unless they passed both a written and driving test. IMO guns should be no different as there's just as much if not more responsibility associated with owning one.


Speaking of idiots....

Please show me where I said anything that doesn't agree with what you posted above. I simply said untrained idiots shouldn't use potentially dangerous items. Do you disagree?

Wow, people are dense.

First, I didn't call you an idiot, I said your post was idiotic so cool down and if I misread your post then I'm sorry.

You did, and apology accepted.

Call me dense if you like but I'm still not clear with your position on this issue. It appears to me that you do not agree with the premise of the OP or am I misinterpreting that too?

I wholeheartedly agree, that untrained idiots shouldn't own guns. I simply stated my opinion that it is a pointless statement to make.

Looking up YouTube videos of people acting carelessly and stating that they shouldn't own whatever object is a bit silly don't you think. I could do it all day long with power tools, kitchen knives, and any other potentially dangerous object you can think of.

People do stupid things behind the wheel all the time but motor vehicles are not optional in most areas of our country if one desires to be a productive member of society. Sorry but I don't see guns in that same category. IMO owning a gun carries an even higher level of responsibility to ensure its safekeeping and proper/safe use but our laws for ownership are more lax than motor vehicles.

Do you agree or not?

Yes and no. Nobody could disagree that day to day life is typically more effected by motor vehicles than guns.

The second half of your statement is debatable, if only because I would say that cars require equal responsibility to ensure safe use. Drunk driving, Street racing, etc. are just as dangerous and kill more people than improper gun handling.

Also, laws for ownership are just different not necessarily more lax. No waiting period on car purchases, no background checks, etc. so I don't think you can appropriately compare the two. Mandatory training and testing is the only place where driving is more strict than shooting and that might not be a bad idea, but it wouldn't effect gun crime only reduce accidents.

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