Question about printer profiling

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Re: Question about printer profiling

I agree with Phil.  I had a Canon Pro 9500.  The OEM ICC print profiles were just as good as the third party ones I had made.  I just bought a Canon Pro 1.  Some of the OEM profiles are really bad and I had to have third party profiles made.

It really depends on how well your printer matches the printer that the paper manufacturers used to create the profile.

I tried the Spyder 3 print do-it-yourself kit and was not very happy with the results.  Two photo sensors blew out the cyan channel on me.  Very light duty.

I suggest downloading color targets from a third party ICC supplier and trying a third party profile to see if there is a noticable difference with your print quality that you care about.  You can get them done for $25 per profile and the people providing the profiles are making them with much more expensive, higher end, more precise equipment.

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