Some D600 + 24-70 f2.8 pictures. Is that IQ expected?

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Re: Some D600 + 24-70 f2.8 pictures. Is that IQ expected?

wint wrote:

wint wrote:

And now, I'm posting here some of pitcures taken in the weekend.

What you guys think about the IQ produced from my combo? That are the IQ to expect or lacking something?

Why are you asking others if those images are of decent quality ?

What I mean ... are they good enough for you or not ? Can't you decide this on your own ?

I'm testing the lenses. See my previous reply.

Hello, I think that your ISO settings contributed to the lack of sharpness and overall IQ.  With that much light 100 to 200 ISO shouldn't be a problem.  The high ISO was what had noticed right off the bat when I was trying to see how well this combination worked, but the ISO noise had muffled or hid the true sharpness of that lens and body.

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