OM-D - to sell or not to sell?

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to return or not to return?

Hi Boris,

I picked up an OMD with the 12-50mm kit lens and the Oly 45mm prime after months of camera lust and reading forums. As a former dSLR owner - i sold mu ancient D70 recently - my reasoning for the OMD was that is was both small, retro-cool, lightweight, boasted great AF, and *everyone*seems to love it. So i bought it.

10 days later and I've barely used it. Honestly, the thing is so bizarre to handle and figure out that I really just want another Nikon to comfort me. Perhaps the D7000?

I've found the Oly to have a discernible amount of shutter lag and I've missed a couple nice shots of my overactive 4year-old. Which ticks me off.

Of course, this "shutter lag" could be from some odd setting somewhere that I can't figure out. But it really does irk me that I hav this cool looking, brand new, lightweight camera and I don't even have the motivation to take it out for a day of shooting because of my initial frustration.

So either I need to suck it up and learn the darn thing. Or return it, cause I'm with the Amazon return period.

But either way, I feel your pain.

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