Leica's response to Leaked images

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Re: Leica's response to Leaked images

Having worked for a German optical mechanical company for 25 years, I can relate to the position that the good Dr. Rohde finds himself in. We were expected to be corporate cheerleaders for the brand and never deviate from the party line. I do not see where Dr. Rohde did anything disrepectful to Leica.

Needless to say the interest level on this very important camera is extremely high. The Germans, in general, are culturally trained to control the information. From a sales and marketing perspective the factory release of information is based on real time testing, software upgrades, product release dates, production dates, and a host of other things that are sometimes out of the control of the factory like a vendor delay for parts.

Personally I thank Dr. Rohde for being a responsible member of this forum and all of his technical advice and commentary. 

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