Blasphemy Alert : What difference would Leica make for me??

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Re: Short summary : I have more fascination than budget...

Edward48 wrote:

danstern wrote:

IMO:this reminds me of a friend who was trying to over justify an expensive car.... at the end of it either car gets you from point A to point b. its up to you to be able to afford a nicer ride.... thats the "mojo"! you wont be a better driver.... I understand the OP's hesitation and over analyzing this-anyone considering a Leica who is not rich will do the same/i am now...its a lot of money but as many wise leica owners have said- worse case, sell it and not too much lost of money if you bought it used and wisely- think of it as a rental....

I went through this too, when I bought my M8 and then traded up to the M9. What swung it for me was thinking of the many people I know on average income and don't have a lot of disposable cash but who spend the price of an M9 every year on smoking, drinking and holidays. At least I have something to show for the money and can enjoy it anytime I want. As someone sort of said earlier in this thread, "you're a long time dead"

Good luck with it

Exactly the same argument I heard in my own head when making any emotional decision a rational justification.... its the insanity of passion. no different than buying some old porsche or harley or......... A Leica.

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