Are performances in low lights really important ?

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Re: Thank you very much for your input !

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Hi, I take the 1dx sensor as a reference. In the same area where the 1DX has 18 Mpixel that sensor of the d800 packs 36 Mpixel

I have been taxed in the past as obsessed with sensors and pixel dimensions.

It is true. I still think that the sensor is by a long margin the most important element of the chain. Where the real competitive advantage is.

The fact that the d800 gives both high resolution and exceptional dynamic range is an incredible achievement. I do not know who builds the sensor but they really know how things must be done. Really great performance. Bravo

The answer of course is that Sony builds the D800 sensor. Nikon does pick the filters and do the backend electronics. That is why the Sony and Nikon cameras even with the same sensor will have slightly different ISO scores. Of course the newer Sony SLT models lose a 1/2 stop from the fixed mirror.

Until pixels get so small the area needed for wiring steals to much surface area the effect on ISO performance is small. Order of effects is roughly:

size of the sensor

technology level

filter thickness

back-end electronics

pixel size

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