OM-D - to sell or not to sell?

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The most important thing from your post is....

"The most immediate answer is that I stopped having fun taking photos. I think it's a combination of things - the ergnomics: the G12 felt really good in my hand, the OM-D feels... dunno, awkward."

Cameras need to fit your hand, your brain, and your eye.  You can do things about the eye by changing lenses, but you really can't do things about the hand and brain part.  If you've had the OMD for a few months and it is just not making you want to pick it up and use it, then SELL IT.  Find a camera that lets your hand, eye, and brain work together in a more seamless fashion, buy it, and be happy.

From your post, it seems like the Samsung has the most ergonomic appeal to you.  I would suggest you spend some time with one, and see if the lenses it has work for you.  If so, then that IS the camera you should get.

If you want to stay with M43, I would strongly suggest that you take a look at the G5.  Panasonic ergonomics and menus are pretty different than Olympus ones, and you may find you like that camera much more than the OMD to use.  Also, get yourself a zoom lens in the range that you find most useful, no matter what camera you choose.  (I personally did not take to the 20mm prime either; instead I got the 14mm, which I love, and the 25mm which is fantastic.  The 20mm simply did not work for me.)

So, cut your losses, sell the OMD, and buy whatever feels like a joy to use for you.  More than anything else, photography should be a great, enjoyable, and challenging (in a positive way) experience, and you should get whatever equipment enables this for you.


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