Legacy Lenses - the good... the bad... the ugly?

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Missing my point?

Domagoj Batinic wrote:

tedolf wrote:

that if the focal length is shorter than the registration distance the lens has to be a retrofocus design. I think the Nikon registation distance was very close to 50mm so the standard Nikon lens might have been slightly retro-focus or close to it.

The Konica mount was shorter as you say so a standard 50mm AR lens would not have to be a retro-focus design.

Konica rangefinder lenses have much shorter registration distance (like all RF lenses), but those lenses are also pricey

Yes, the standard M39 or Leica M mount was about 26mm as I remember so any focal leght significantly above that would not need to be a retro-focus design. That is part of the mysique about moderate wide angle and standard focal lenght rangefinder lenses-they had an inherent

question of retrofocus design of the lenses is only pertinent for wide angle lenses and most of slr manual wide angles are retrofocus because if they weren't they would hit the mirror on the cameras they were made for. so using them on mirrorless digital camera with adapter is no problem. Rangefinder wide angle lenses, on the other hand, because of no mirror in rangefinder cameras, didn't have to use retrofocus design, so wide angle lenses have protruding rear elements that are very close to film plane and might be problematic for use on mirrorless.

I think you are missing my point.  Regardless of how the lens is mounted, retrofocus designs are inherently inferior to non-retrofocus designs.  The retrofocus designs need more elements, stronger refractive index, etc.

Thus, in the standard and wide angle regimes, rangefinder lenses have an inherent advantage over SLR lenses from mounts with longish registration distances.

All irrelevant for telephoto lenses, obviously

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