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Re: Really impressive!!

RonJG wrote:

DP3M 30 shows the usual Sigma purple blotches in the old woman's coat. The colour of the face is typical Sigma too - quite jaundiced looking.

Can't say I'm remotely shocked by that.  What I am surprised by (and what probably is a result of these being VERY EARLY samples from a test camera) is the horizontal lines (in portrait orientation, vertical in landscape orientation) evident at the bottom of that same photo (woman's black pants) that is indicitive of a sensor read-out flaw.  They show up in several other samples on that page as well, and I have never seen this before with the DP1M, DP2M or SD1M samples.  It's probably just a really early buggy camera.  I'm sure the final product will be much better in that regard, but I do not expect the purple/green blotching to magically disappear.

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