Clamping Flashguns to Posts/Rigging etc

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Re: Clamping Flashguns to Posts/Rigging etc

garyb1985 wrote:

I do a lot of music work where I have access to the stage.

I am looking to install 1 or 2 remote flashguns by clamping them to the lighting rigging already in place. I've currently been messing around with light stands but they're not ideal with drunk DJs/Entourages getting in the way and/or knocking them!

I was just looking for some advice on the best way to go about this on a smallish budget?

I think it will need to go:

CLAMP > 1/4" Thread > Mini Ball Head > 3/8" to Hotshoe > Trigger > Flashgun

Anyone done similar things? What did you use?

Clamp-wise has anyone used a lighting c or s-clamp like this: od%3D400329611340%26ps%3D54

There's dedicated clamps like this ( but if it needn't be twice the price why pay it

Thanks in advance

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Light is Light, its what you do with it that counts

These are hotshoe flashes you're mounting up into the rigging, or are they studio flashes?

If you're using hotshoe flashes, you're going to drive yourself nuts as the batteries drain down. The recycle times will get longer and you'll start missing shots. Then you'll find yourself climbing up on a ladder in the middle of a concert, angering the (drunk?) DJ and the fans. Not good.

If you're going to use hotshoe flashes, consider an external power supply, or at the very least a high capacity battery.

If you're going to use a mini ball-head then agreed, there isn't much point in dedicated clamps. I have a hotshoe flash umbrella holder that includes a locking swivel. That might be an option. Something like this:

Hotshoe flash clamp on Amazon

The other poster had a good point about safety cables. I suggest trying a cord to each flash and tying it to the rigging, so if your clamp fails, a falling flash doesn't brain the customers.

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