SSD drive for my photos - it's worth it, right?

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Re: SSD drive for my photos - it's worth it, right?

arie wrote:

Whenever I process RAW photos it takes a long time and my guess is that it would take a lot less time with an SSD drive. Does anyone else use one for their photos? For under $200, it seems like it's worth the extra speed.

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The links you gave are for laptop SSDs.  Are you using a laptop?

Usually you would configure your SSD to be your operating system (OS) drive and have a large capacity hard drive to hold your pictures.  Laptops don't typically have 2 hard drives slots.  So I'd say that if you have a laptop and only have space for 1 hard drive then I wouldn't recommend an SSD because it won't be large enough to hold all of your photos.

If you do have a laptop with only 1 hard drive I'd suggest you take a look at backup solutions before you look at SSDs.  (Assuming that you are a photo enthusiast and have a lot of invaluable data on your hard drive.)  Hard drives are usually the 1st thing to go on computers so you should have some sort of backup solution.

I run a desktop system w/ 8 GB of RAM, a 240 GB SSD as an OS drive, a 1 TB media drive for photos, videos and music and a 1 TB backup drive that syncs the media drive and selected files on the OS drive nightly.

But if you already have a solution in place to handle your media then I would suggest getting an SSD.  They are the single best upgrade you can make to your computer.  You can't do anything else to your computer for that price that will give you a better performance increase.  There is no difference in time of starting a new program and minimizing a program that is already open.

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