Any Former Olympus Shooters? Have E-PM1, Considering Cheap V1 Kit

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Any Former Olympus Shooters? Have E-PM1, Considering Cheap V1 Kit

Greetings. I own the Nikon D5100 d-SLR and the 18-105mm VR & 50mm 1.8G, which I still use sometimes (especially the 50mm with portraits of my children). However I've also used the Olympus E-PL1, and more recently the E-PM1, for the past year as well, and I just love the quality in a small size. I especially love its JPEG processing, and anymore I use it more for landscapes than I do the D5100, which is quite possibly a silly thing, given the D5100's better sensor technology.

However, the Nikon V1 kit has shown up for cheap as of late, sometimes for $230 with the kit lens. As such I am considering it, and I am wondering if anyone here has used the Olympus 12mp generation and switched to the V1--and if so, what have been your experiences.

I realize that, in all rational thinking, what would make much more sense would be for me to instead upgrade the E-PM1 to the E-PM2 which would give me the newer sensor technology of the E-M5, which is so good as to be darn near the D7000 level (hence the D5100, which I have, which has the D7000 sensor). However, statements & reviews saying the V1 image-quality wise is a match (or near so) for the 12mp generation (which I currently have) causes me to ponder it, especially at that low of a price.

Pros (V1)

* Quiet electronic shutter, if I were to engage in "discrete" or "street" photography (which I've always liked the *idea* of, although in reality I've never really done it much, in large part because where I live currently doesn't really have that "atmosphere")

* Auto-rotation of verticals (the 12mp Olympus models don't auto-rotate vertical shots)

* Built-in EVF (although I typically use the LCD on my E-PM1 even though I have a Hoodman Loupe)

* Better macro performance as-is of its kit lens (I've done macros quite a bit lately)

* Faster focusing (although my kids keep still when I shoot them, and with landscapes it's fine)

* The VR of the 10-30 may be better than IBIS (people all the time say IBIS on Olympus models other than the E-M5 is hit or miss)

*LCD better (the Olympus 16:9 LCD mismatches the 4:3 images so a lot of the LCD space is wasted)

Pros (12mp Olympus)

* Olympus JPEGs, great as-is (lately I'm HUGE on liking to take landscapes with my Olympus & they look great just as they are, I even made 16x20 enlargements of the JPEGs straight out-of-camera)

* Better control ergonomics (a big deal, I'm used to the Super Control Panel and direct buttons for ISO)

* Hot shoe allows easy mounting of spirit level for landscapes (although I have a tripod-mount bubble level also, I prefer the hot-shoe one)

* Flash options available without having to spend $100+ on an extra one (for portrait fill-flash)

Again, logic tells me to just stay as-is and upgrade to the E-PM2 when I can, as it will have the great E-M5 sensor, it also auto-rotates verticals, and I could match it with the new Panasonic 14-42mm (one that they hopefully get right this time) as it has lens-based OIS that would mitigate any supposed Olympus IBIS issues.

Beyond that logic, though, I wonder if anyone here has gone to the V1 from the 12mp generation of Olympus models & what your observations are there as well.

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