Do you use layered Tifs?

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Re: Do you use layered Tifs?

suddie1215 wrote:

See this thread:

Especially pay attention to what Eric Chan (madmadchan) the Principal Scientist at Adobe for Camera Raw, Andrew Rodney (DigitalDog) and Jeff Schewe say.

Yes, I know that thread, is quite famous about the subject in particular the strong opinions of Schewe.

Anyway I have some doubts about some of his ideas, in particular because there is a strange paradox I noticed. One of the main advantages of Tiff respect to psd, according to Schewe, would be that Tiff is open and documented while psd is a closed format. But actually it seems that with external programs, as PSP, the compatibility is better using psd instead than layered tiff.

For this reason I was asking here about the preferences of the fellow photographers, because in my opinion this subject is not very clear.

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