OM-D - to sell or not to sell?

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Re: OM-D - to sell or not to sell?

It sounds like you’ve made a similar journey to mine.

18 months ago I had a Canon A720IS P&S and a Nikon FM2 film camera with 24/50/105/200 lenses.

The Canon was great for carrying around.  I only used the FM2 for special occasions – too heavy and film is hard to work with unless you’re close to a film lab.

So I looked at the Canon G12.  Viewfinder.  Small sexy, but I wanted the G13 which was just around the corner, or so I thought.  But then I also started looking at IQ and realized the G12 IQ wasn’t really a step above the A720IS in many situations.

Then I discovered the Fuji X10.  Viewfinder.  Better IQ and almost pocketable. But the white orb problem, the X100 manufacturing quality problems and the lack of RAW support killed that one.

Then the Canon G1X came out.  Viewfinder.  Great IQ.  Still almost pocketable.  But hold on, one thing I hate about the A720IS is its lousy focus speed.  And I wasn’t getting good vibes about the focus speed on the G1X.

Finally I looked at the EM5.  I could have my A720IS pocketability (just) and the IQ  and comparable features of the Nikon – fast reliable focus, viewfinder info, full manual control – plus all the automation.

I also looked at the Panasonic GH-3 and all the APSC DSLRS, but realized they’d languish at home, like the Nikon, because they’d usually be too big to carry around.   Oh, and in the meantime, the Canon G15 came out, but I’d already set my heart on the EM5 by then, and looking at its reviews I wouldn’t have been persuaded.

So here’s my EM5 solution:

Walkabout, pocketable P&S – EM5 with Panasonic 14-42 PZ pancake lens.  And I can still fit the Olympus 40-150 zoom in another pocket if I feel like it.

Special occasions – weddings, portraits, once in a lifetime trips to Yellowstone, etc – I can take other glass.  The Olympus 12-50 which is versatile, and the 40-150.  I’m planning to add some primes when finances permit – probably the Sigma 19mm or 30mm whose larger apertures will give me a smaller depth of field for when I need subject isolation.  If I can get a 12mm lens at a decent price that would be the only other one I’d really want.

I bought my EM5 just 10 days ago - I love it and I’m getting fantastic results.  I’ve not compared them to my Nikon images yet, but as far as I’m concerned the EM5 is giving me same or better quality in a package I can easily travel with rather than leaving it at home like the Nikon FM2, or any other SLR/DSLR.

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