Please tell me I am correct & the pro Is wrong???

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I read a thread a week or so ago, & thought I had at last got the understanding of the difference between an image taken with a crop v FF. It was a "Eureka" moment for me, or so I thought. The difference, I learned, was in the FIELD OF VIEW, & NOT the focal length. That a 70-300 was a FOCAL LENGTH of 70-300 on both, but the FF allowed a WIDER view of the scene but NOT a longer view, eg. it didn't make the subject appear closer. Right, to the point. I have just been reading a UK photography mag which was testing various 70-300's. Reading the review of the Tamron it read, "The lens gives a FOCAL LENGTH of 110-420 on a crop frame camera". Please put me right, it is the FOV that changes, right? NOT the focal length? If I am correct, it is no wonder us newbies have a hard time getting to grips with things, when the pro's & teachers can't explain it propperly.

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This is THE answer (it's succinct, easy to understand and accurate):


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