How do you frame night time, long exposure shots?

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Re: How do you frame night time, long exposure shots?

Along with the other good methods mentioned, it also depends on your camera - some cameras that offer live view functionality (whether P&S, mirrorless, or DSLR) offer the ability to gain up the display in low light to simulate the exposure settings you've chosen.  So if you've selected a big aperture, and a long shutter speed, the display, though a bit grainy, can still show you the scene even when you can't see anything through an optical finder or even the naked eye.

You just need to make sure your camera's live view mode either does exposure simulation or offers such a mode.  Nikon traditionally has not on their DSLRs, but may in some of their other models - Canon & Sony typically have always offered this in their live view modes.  Check your camera's live view functionality to be sure, or check the camera settings to see if there is a mode that can be turned on for this.

I find I always switch my DSLR to live view and take advantage of this when I'm doing long-exposure night shots, as it's so much easier to frame and focus a shot in extreme's like a night vision scope - I can see stuff I cannot discern with my naked eye.

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